Kinds of Kings

Events with Kinds of Kings


Heralded by the New Yorker as “distinguished young creators who work in diverse styles,” Kinds of Kings is a collective of four multifaceted composers. The collective actively advocates for underrepresented voices and is committed to building a positive and supportive community around the creation and experience of new music.


Disruptions to the status quo can trigger positive changes that result in a new equilibrium. This notion inspired Kinds of Kings’ residency project, Equilibrium and Disturbance. Over the course of four concerts, each of the group’s members will develop original compositions while building new relationships with underrepresented voices in the wider New York community. A final, evening-length group composition will be premiered by award-winning Australian ensemble Rubiks Collective.


“Kinds of Kings is a celebration of creativity and individuality.”

— Gemma Peacocke, Founding Member, Kinds of Kings