David Broza

About The Artist

Israeli superstar David Broza is considered one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant performers. From his whirlwind finger picking to Flamenco percussion and rhythms, David Broza’s charismatic and energetic performances have delighted audiences worldwide. Since “Yihye Tov” first hit the airwaves in 1977, Broza’s music, through several platinum albums, has reflected a lifetime exploring themes of peace and love.

David Broza’s latest project is a new documentary film and companion album East Jerusalem West Jerusalem. Blending cultures, languages and styles, Israeli and Palestinian musicians shared 8 days of music and song, resulting in a powerful statement about collaboration and coexistence.

For the last few years David Broza has been meeting with a wide range of musicians in the greater NY area to explore new musical approaches to his songs. These young musicians have an original and fresh outlook on sound and harmony. There are two drummers, two pianists, two guitarists, and a few others; and each gets an opportunity to open up on the melodic and expand as the dynamics change.  The musical director, bassist and guitar player Yonatan Levi wrote the musical outlines and conducts the performance.  Material features some of David Broza’s best-known songs in Hebrew, English and Spanish.