Ash Koosha

with YONA

Events with Ash Koosha


From the underground punk-rock scene in a repressive Tehran to the creation of a singer-songwriter auxman (auxiliary human) named YONA, the polymath Iranian performer Ash Koosha has spent his entire career on the front lines of the musical vanguard, both real and virtual.


Using generative software that creates sentences, melodies (MIDI information), and singing via a complex text-to-speech process, YONA produces original compositions. But does that make this auxman (auxiliary human) real? In their yearlong residency, YONA will explore this concept with self-described “software humanist” Ash Koosha. In an immersive concert, a hologram of YONA will present haunting “self-generated” love songs that beg the question, is YONA speaking of real love or is this machine-generated music merely an extension of Ash Koosha’s own cognition?


“My hypothesis is that singers will become redundant, because this machine will be able to convey every range of the human voice — an anti-pop manifesto of sorts.” (FADER)