Sonic and Womxyn Amplify


A force of soulful, slow-burning R&B, Sonic is a singer/songwriter with a unique relationship with sound: she’s partially deaf. She will collaborate with her collective Womxyn Amplify, an experiential production house that creates experiences that amplify the voices of LGBTQIA womxyn and non-binary artists, to craft an immersive performance that spotlights the path to self-knowledge and acceptance.


As a queer, partially deaf artist and womxyn of color, Sonic interacts with the world in a singular way. With Womxyn Amplify, she’ll immerse audiences in an experiential journey of self-love and affirmation using National Sawdust’s newly-installed Meyer Sound system as conduit of connection, in hopes that audiences can experience the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of her world. The result, Seasons, is an aural journey towards self-discovery as told through the seasonal and emotional divisions of the year.


“I hope to use Seasons as a catalyst to step out of my comfort zone and into my vulnerability, in hopes that sharing my truth will create an atmosphere of healing, connection, and empathy for all who are along for the ride.”