Against the Grain Theatre


Their stirring reinventions of classic repertoire “smack you in the face like a bracing wake-up call to the spirit” (Globe and Mail). Award-winning Canadian opera collective Against the Grain Theatre, led by Founding Artistic Director Joel Ivany, has gained notoriety for presenting classical work in new and innovative ways, making it relevant and accessible to a new generation.


Two new chamber operas from Against the Grain Theatre explore opioid addiction and the global refugee crisis, two critical issues of our time. Led by Founder and Artistic Director Joel Ivany, the company will workshop and premiere composer Michelle DiBucci and librettist Royce Vavrek’s Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, the story of a young woman whose world is torn apart by abuse, neglect, addiction, and apathy. They also present a concert reading of BOUND, an opera inspired by Handel reimagined by composer Kevin Lau, which examines the refugee crisis through texts and stories drawn from real-life news articles and world events.


“Composer Michelle DiBucci has always felt the need to give voice to people whose stories have been silenced.”

—Joel Ivany, Founder & Artistic Director, Against the Grain Theatre