CCO presents:


October 26th & 27th 2016

Creative Team

Director: Giselle Ty
Conductor: Lidiya Yankovskaya
Neighbor: Larissa Koniuk
Overseer: Jacqueline Horner – Kwiatek
Union Organizer: Shabnam Kalbasi
Guard: Eric McKeever
Owner: Patrick McNally
Garment Worker 1: Isabella Dawis
Garment Worker 2: Katya Gruzglina
Garment Worker 3: Leanne Gonzalez-Singer
Garment Worker 4: Mio Kanehara
Garment Worker 5: Hanne Dollase

Opera programming at NS is supported in part by a generous gift from Alberto Cribiore.

About the opera

The Center for Contemporary Opera in cooperation with Urbanvessel (Canada) presents the world premiere of Sweat, an a cappella opera by New Zealand-Canadian composer Juliet Palmer and librettist Anna Chatterton.

Sweat is a kaleidoscope of characters and stories collected from factories around the world. The work offers a window into the lives of the unseen millions who work to clothe us and the high-flying designers whose fantasies feed the fashion industry.

Featuring Jacqueline Horner Kwiatek, Larissa Koniuk, Shabnam Kalbasi, Eric McKeever, and Patrick McNally in the title roles. Conducted by Lidiya Yankovskaya and directed by Giselle Ty.