Jon Rose

For over 40 years, Jon Rose has been at the sharp end of experimental, new and improvised music on the global stage. He is a virtuoso violinist, composer, improviser, inventor of musical instruments, writer, multi-media artist, and even has his own museum. Central to that practice has been ‘The Relative Violin’ project, a unique output, rich in content, realising almost everything on, with, and about the violin. Most celebrated is the worldwide Fence project. In the area of interactive electronics, his work is considered exemplary, having pioneered the use of the MIDI bow – extending that technology to large scale interactive projects involving sport, games, or the environment. He has appeared on over 100 albums and collaborated with many of the mavericks of new music (eg. Kronos String Quartet), at festivals of New Music, Jazz, and Sound Art world wide such as Ars Elektronica, Maerzmusik, Dokumenta, North Sea Jazz Fest, New Music America, etc.