National Sawdust has launched a long-term sound partnership with legendary Berkeley company Meyer Sound. We’re continuing to stretch the boundaries of creative possibility by introducing Meyer Sound’s Constellation® acoustic system and its immersive component Spacemap® to our concert space, completing a major upgrade that began with the switch to a state-of-the-art Meyer Sound PA system in early 2019.

An extraordinary breakthrough in acoustical science, Constellation allows for a single physical space to emulate the acoustics of a chamber music venue, symphony hall, or vast cathedral (and even an ideal classroom or rehearsal studio) — all with the press of a button. And with the multi-channel panning available through Spacemap®, artists can explore and play with three-dimensional spatial sound. This dynamic new auditory playground will allow artists of all stripes to imagine and craft performances with once inconceivable sonic agility and precision.

We could not be more thrilled with this special addition to our ecosystem. John Meyer has said that without risk, there is no innovation, and that mantra, alongside our emphasis on discovery and community, is at the heart of what we do and the art we support. We feel very fortunate to be a hub for this extraordinary installation — and are excited to share the as yet uncharted sonic experiences that will happen in the years to come. My heart is filled with thanks to Meyer Sound for their incredible support of National Sawdust.

—Paola Prestini, Composer/Co-Founder & Artistic Director, National Sawdust 

A successful collaboration results in something greater than the sum of its parts. That is certainly true of this sonic adventure. Thanks go to Dominic Sacks and his team at Sound Associates, and to everyone at National Sawdust, especially Paola Prestini, Garth MacAleavey, and Nicole Merritt. Bravo to Courtenay Casey and Elena Park for their roles in creating our recent Meyer Sound Playgrounds, a truly unique opportunity for all of us to collaborate with artists as they explore and play with Constellation and Spacemap. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring and applaud the enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity of everyone involved. 

—Meyer Sound

Constellation and Spacemap are incredible tools for artists and sound designers alike. On a program like tonight’s, every performance can have its own custom acoustic environment that is perfect for just that piece. With Spacemap, not only can we place sounds anywhere in the room, but we can also move them spatially around the audience in real time. We can fully envelop the listener to enhance an artist’s work and, in so doing, introduce them to a new world of hearing perception. This is the future of musical performance.

—Garth MacAleavey, Technical Director, National Sawdust