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An Evening with Renée Fleming and Patricia Barber

Dec 18, 2015 - 8:30pm

Higher: Renée Fleming and Patricia Barber Perform the Music of Patricia Barber Working outside her traditional genre, world-renowned soprano Renée Fleming joins American jazz and blues artist Patricia Barber for a program of songs written by Ms. Barber. The evening will also include Fleming and Barber performing an assortment of holiday favorites. Renée Fleming said, “I’m thrilled to be performing with Patricia Barber. When I was introduced to her work years ago, I was immediately struck by her uniquely sophisticated lyrics, her musical vocabulary, which, though idiomatically jazz, evokes art songs for me, and the intimacy she conveys in performance.” “When Renée sings my music, I am thrilled to discover that a musical ideal can be realized. She inspires me to reach higher," reflects Ms. Barber, of whom TIME Magazine says, “Cross Diana Krall with Susan Sontag, and you get Patricia Barber, whose throaty, come-hither vocals and coolly incisive piano are displayed to devastating effect.”

Magos Herrera Presents: Jason Lindner – Breeding Ground

Dec 3, 2015 • 9:30pm

Breeding Ground combines the two most successful projects of New York-bred pianist Jason Lindner: Now Vs. Now, his propulsive groove trio with bassist Panagiotis Andreou and drummer Mark Guiliana; and his big band, which started at the Greenwich Village basement club Smalls twenty years ago. For this new 11-piece band, Andreou and Guiliana sit in the engine room, while Lindner himself plays more piano than synths, leaving room for a string section, a horn section, and the eclectic singer-songwriter Jeff Taylor as the featured vocalist. Electro-acoustic, poly-rhythmic, cross-pollinated, dirty and mixed up, improvised and composed, multi-formatted and ever shifting, Breeding Ground is the epitome of liquid modernity.

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