Reinier Van Houdt, doing what he likes.

The Dec. 2 print edition of the Boston Globe includes a terrific profile of the Dutch pianist Reinier Van Houdt, who has just released a new 3CD set of Michael Pisaro’s music and will perform in Boston, New York, and Minneapolis.

Album review: Leo Svirsky, Heights in Depths

Composer and instrumentalist Leo Svirsky’s impressively tricky to get a handle on. His latest album, Heights in Depths, a tightly focused study in minimalism (in the original sense) for solo accordion, mixes confrontational intensity with contemplative calm.

Remembering Pauline Oliveros.

I was struck, on learning late last week via social media that the composer, improviser, and teacher Pauline Oliveros had passed away on Thanksgiving morning, by how many of her friends, colleagues, and admirers posted something to the effect of “I thought she’d always be here.” And it was true: Pauline had meant so much to so many of us for so long, for a wide variety of different reasons, that it seemed her presence might continue indefinitely.