A weekly tally of memorable things Steve Smith has stuck in his ears lately.

Spotify jukebox does not correspond precisely with the listed selections that follow, but maintains the playlist’s continuity and personality.

Alexei LubimovTangere (ECM New Series; 2017)
> Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – Freye Fantasie in F-sharp minor; Sonata in D minor; Rondo in C minor; Fantasies (4); Clavierstück für die rechte oder linke Hand allein; Solfeggios (4); Rondo in D minor; Sonata VI in G; Fantasie II in C

Johann Sebastian BachSuites for Cello – Thomas Demenga (ECM New Series; 2017, Nov. 17 physical)

John CageTwo4 – Aisha Orazbayeva, Naomi Sato (SN Variations; 2017)

Orchestra della Svizzera italiana/Dennis Russell DaviesNow, and Then (ECM New Series; due Nov. 17, 2017)
> Girolamo Frescobaldi (orch. Bruno Maderna) – Tre pezzi; Giovanni Legrenzi (orch. Maderna) – La Basadona; Luciano BerioChemins V – Pablo Márquez; Giovanni Gabrieli (orch. Maderna) – Canzone a tre cori; Tommaso Lodovico da Viadana (orch. Maderna) – Le Sinfonie; Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer (orch. Maderna) – “Palestrina-Konzert”

Antoine BeugerOckeghem Octets (Another Timbre; 2017)

Eva-Maria Houbenmemories (Diafani; 2015)
> memories I – simultaneity of [janela (var.) + hildegard fragment I]; memories II – simultaneity of [places to (var.) + hildegard fragment II) – Rishin Singh, Simon Labbè, Renate Hoffmann-Korth, Eva-Maria Houben, Irene Kurka

Midori Takada & Masahiko SatoLunar Cruise (Epic/WRWTFWW; 1990/2017)

Gil SansónEse Maldito Yo/El Ocaso del Pensamiento (Lengua de Lava; 2014)

Bruno DuplantL’Ennui – L’Ensemble Instabile (Creative Sources; 2017)

Jérôme CombierGone – Ensemble Cairn (Aeon; 2017)
> Dawnlight; Noir Gris; Dog Eat Dog; Terra d’Ombra; Gone

Pascale CritonInfra – Ensemble Dedalus (Potlatch; 2017)
> Bothsways; Process; Steppings; Chaoscaccia

ensemble, et al.The Slow Reveal (Imaginator; due Nov. 17, 2017)

Annea LockwoodGround of Being (Recital; 2014)
> Buoyant; Dusk; Ear-Walking Woman; Ground of Being

Folke RabeWhat?? (Wergo/Dexter’s Cigar; 1970/1997)

Limpe FuchsHochschule der Künste, Braunschweig, Germany, Jan. 7, 2016 (audience video; 2016)

Ailbhe Nic OireachtaighOreing (Fort Evil Fruit; 2017)

Áine O’DwyerBeast Diaries (self-released; 2017)

KitaroModulations 1979-1992 (Domo Music Group; 2016)

King CrimsonPalace Theatre, Waterbury, CT, May 6, 1973 (DGMLive; 2017)

La TèneTardive/Issime (Les Disques Bongo Joe/Three: Four/Astral Spirits; 2017)

Zola JesusOkovi (Sacred Bones; 2017)

The League of GentlemenRoyal Exeter, Bournemouth, England, Sept. 21, 1980 (DGMLive; 2005)

Hegira MoyaQuiet Residential Area (Muzan Editions; 2017)

Mario Diaz de LeonSanctuary – TAK Ensemble (Denovali; 2017)

Raphaël CendoFuria – Ensemble Cairn/Guillaume Bourgogne (Aeon; 2012)
> Charge; Furia; Décombres; In Vivo; Tract

King CrimsonLive in Chicago (DGM; 2017)

Bootsy’s Rubber BandAh… The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! (Warner Bros.; 1977/1996)

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