A weekly tally of memorable things Steve Smith has stuck in his ears lately.

Spotify jukebox does not correspond precisely with the listed selections that follow, but maintains the playlist’s continuity and personality.

James WeeksMala Punica – Exaudi, Hotus Ensemble (Winter & Winter; 2017)

Jim O’RourkeSteamroom 35 (Steamroom; 2017)

CharalambidesYIH (Carbon; 2001)

Keith Rowe/Michael Pisaro13 Thirteen (Erstwhile; 2017)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony No. 25 in G minor (K. 183) – London Philharmonic/Sergiu Celibidache; Johannes Brahms – Symphony No. 2 in D (Op. 73) – Berlin Philharmonic/Sergiu Celibidache (Urania; 2000)

Carlos Chávez– Symphony No. 1 (“Sinfonía de Antígona); Samuel BarberCapricorn Concerto; Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring; Walter Piston – Symphony No. 2; David DiamondRounds for String Orchestra; from Celibidache: The Berlin Recordings 1945-1957 – Berlin Philharmonic/Sergiu Celibidache (Audite; 2013)

Del Sol String Quartet with Gyan RileyDark Queen Mantra (Sono Luminus; due Aug. 25, 2017)
> Terry RileyDark Queen Mantra; Stefano ScodanibbioMas Lugares (su Madrigali di Monteverdi); Terry RileyThe Wheel & Mythic Birds Waltz

Hanne DarbovenOp. 17A – Robert Black (Dia Art Foundation; 1997)

King CrimsonThe Town Hall, New York, NY, June 4, 1995 (DGMLive; 2010)

RamonesRocket to Russia (Sire/Rhino; 1977/2005)

UndergangMisantropologi (Dark Descent; 2017)

Sarah HenniesKnees (self-released; 2017)

Julius EastmanJoy Boy – S.E.M. Ensemble (Frozen Reeds; 1974/2017)

Marc SabatHarmony – JACK Quartet (Another Timbre; 2017)
> Euler Lattice Spirals Scenery; Claudius Ptolemy; Jean-Philippe Rameau

Linda Catlin SmithDrifter – Apartment House, Quatuor Bozzini (Another Timbre; 2017)
> Cantilena; Piano Quintet; Drifter; Gondola; Moi Qui Tremblais; Ricercar; Far from Shore; Galanthus; Poire; Folkestone

Chiyoko SzlavnicsDuring a Lifetime – Konus Quartett, Apartment House (Another Timbre; 2017)
> During a Lifetime; Freehand Poitras; Reservoir

Martin ArnoldThe Spit Veleta – Mira Benjamin, Philip Thomas (Another Timbre; 2017)
> Points & Waltzes; Slip Minuet; The Spit Veleta

Isaiah CeccarelliBow – Mira Benjamin, Roger Ames, Gregor Riddell, Katelyn Clark, Isaiah Ceccarelli (Another Timbre; 2017)
> Sainte-Ursule 1; Falsobordone; Oslo Harmonies 1; Bow; Oslo Harmonies 2; Dunstable; Sainte-Ursule 2

Jason LescalleetAugust 4th (Glistening Examples; 2017)

Jürg Freyephemeral constructions – University of South Carolina Experimental Music Workshop/Greg Stuart (Edition Wandelweiser)
> ephemeral constructions; circular music #7 – Jürg Frey, Erik Carlson, Greg Stuart; circular music #6

KissKiss Rocks Vegas (Eagle Rock; 2016)

Talking HeadsRemain in Light (Sire/Rhino; 1980/2005)

Martin ArnoldAberrare – Quatuor Bozzini (Collection QB; 2011)
> contact;vault; Liquidambars; Slew & Hop; Aberrare (Casting)

Marc BarrecaMusic Works for Industry (Palace of Lights/Freedom to Spend; 1983/2017)

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