An occasional tally of memorable things Steve Smith has stuck in his ears lately.

Van der Graaf GeneratorDo Not Disturb (Esoteric Antenna; 2016)

Eli KeszlerLast Signs of Speed (Empty Editions; due Nov. 17, 2016)

Linda Catlin SmithDirt Road – Mira Benjamin, Simon Limbrick (Another Timbre; 2016)

Joseph KudirkaBeauty and Industry – Apartment House (Another Timbre; 2015)

Tod DockstaderFrom the Archives (Starkland; due Nov. 18, 2016)

Sarah DavachiVergers (Important; 2016)

YesTales from Topographic Oceans (Panegyric; 1973/2016)

Ocean Viva SilverThe Sleep in Opera (Sublunar Society; 2016)

CentipedeSeptober Energy (BGO Records; 1971/2000)

Tom Jackson/Ashley-John Long/Benedict Taylor/Keith TippettFour Quartets (Confront; 2016)

Taku SugimotoMada – Ryoko Akama, Cristián Alvear, Cyril Bondi, D’Incise (Caduc; 2016)

John Edwards/Mark Sanders/John TilburyA field perpetually at the edge of disorder (Fataka; 2014)

Nate WooleyPolychoral – Peter Evans (Mnóad; 2016)

Bent KneeLeak Water EP (self-released, limited edition; 2016)

Richard WagnerTristan und Isolde – Astrid Varnay, Ramón Vinay, Ira Malaniuk, Gustav Niedlinger, Ludwig Weber, Bayreuth Festival Chorus and Orchestra/Eugen Jochum (Archipel; 1953/2004)

DeathScream Bloody Gore (Relapse; 1987/2016)

LaraajiEssence/Universe (All Saints; 1987/2013)

KansasThe Prelude Implicit (Inside Out Music; 2016)

Steve FlatoHarm Reduction (Studious Avoidance; 2015)

Vanessa RossettoThe Way You Make Me Feel (Unfathomless; 2016)

The OrbCOW/Chill Out World! (Kompakt; 2016)

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