National Sawdust
Photograph: Steve Smith

Welcome to Night After Night, since October 2005 a blog about conspicuous consumption of music, live and recorded, in New York City and points beyond. I’m Steve Smith, a music journalist based in and around New York City since 1993, and I launched this blog in its original form while I was employed as the classical music editor of Time Out New York – a position that gave me access to musical events and opportunities in abundance, but didn’t provide a venue for sharing thoughts and impressions based on what I’d seen.

During my stints as a freelance classical music reporter and critic for The New York Times (2006-2014) and an assistant arts editor overseeing music and visual arts at the Boston Globe (2014-2016), I always had a place to share those reports and reflections, as well as a mandate to do so. Now, as the director of publications at National Sawdust and the editor of its newly launched journalism/criticism initiative, The Log Journal, I’ve decided to bring Night After Night into the mix. In doing so, I’m hoping to maintain the personal brand with which I’ve been identified most closely, while at the same time renewing it as a place for sharing on-the-fly responses to things I’ve seen and heard, timely news items from throughout the musical world, and links to other items of interest on the web.

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