Ted Hearne

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Acclaimed for making audacious, politically acute music for our time that traverses boundaries of style and discipline, composer and singer Ted Hearne has been heralded for producing “some of the most expressive socially engaged music in recent memory” (Pitchfork).


Ted, a Chicago native, will give New York a taste of the vibrant and variegated contemporary music scene in America’s second city, bringing Chicago’s most exciting new music ensembles and composers, performing music at the intersection of hip-hop/R&B, jazz, art rock, and notated music, to the National Sawdust stage.


“By playing around the borders of style, mixing divergent influences and juxtaposing them, the audience and I are occupying an environment where lines of division are challenged in more than one sense. We can think more freely about where we stand in relation to the social, cultural, and political boundaries that would otherwise be separating us.” (Los Angeles Review of Books)