Sonic Artis for All! (SAFA!)

Sonic Arts For All! (SAFA!) — a non-profit offering fun yet rigorous alternatives to the traditional music classroom to students around New York and beyond — proudly presents a monthly workshop at National Sawdust for K-12 students. Covering topics related to music technology and the sonic arts, this workshop empowers students to make music without having to learn to read it first, harnessing the potential of new technology to interact directly with sound.

The curriculum combines “the fundamentals” — music theory, ear training, keyboard skills, and the like — with creative innovations coming from the DJ and electronic music scenes. SAFA! bridges the gap between the popularity of electronic music and more traditional music pedagogy, providing all the equipment necessary for students to experience a hands-on learning environment.

SAFA! Partners with National Sawdust Community initiatives to bring in artists from our Artist-in-Residence program to provide their unique perspective and collaborate with students on recording and performance projects.

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