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“The players were swaddled, and sometimes engulfed, in a haunting chorus of recorded violins. The performance was eloquent, the music deeply moving.”
-The New York Times

The Violin is a suite of 7 pieces for multi-tracked violins and films – 45 minutes in total. The team is comprised of Anna Clyne, composer (Composer in residence with the Chicago Symphony); Josh Dorman, artist; Cornelius Dufallo, violin; Amy Kauffman, violin.

The event will include surround sound and four channel film designed to fill Federal Hall.

Ex-Situ at the River to River festival, co-presented with Original Music Workshop in partnership with Arup

Original Music Workshop (OMW) invites you to attend their new EX-SITU series. These performances take place in unexpected spaces, away from the Williamsburg site where OMW is constructing its heralded future home, set to open in 2014. EX-SITU combines acoustic design, installation work, and auditory experiments from renowned performers and composers. Concerts in found spaces curated by Paola Prestini with acoustical design by Dave Rife. Architectural consultant Peter Zuspan.

More information at The River To River Festival.

This performance is part of the Summer 2013 Ex-Situ series. You can watch the whole performance on the OMW Stage.

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