Mason Jar Music Presents:

The Long Arc Festival

Feb 26th & 27th 2016

About the festival

On February 26th and 27th, Mason Jar Music will host it’s first annual multi­media arts festival at National Sawdust. Part SXSW, part TED, the collective will feature it’s extensive network of filmmakers, musicians, and influencers, each creatively addressing the question: “How do we evolve?” The program will feature concerts, screenings, panel discussions, keynotes, and more. Founded in 2010 by Dan Knobler; Jon Seale, Mason Jar Music is a Brooklyn­ based creative collective responsible for a host of records, music videos, films, concerts and tours. Following their collaboration with Grammy­ winning artist Feist in 2012, MJM was named the world’s 6th most innovative music company by Fast Company Magazine. Together with their sister organization NMDQ, they’ve travelled the world chronicling issues such as transgender asylum in Mexico, tribal rites of passage in Brazil, and rhino extinction in Kenya. Their work has been featured on NPR, CNN, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Paste, Billboard, TIME, Variety, The Village Voice, The Huffington Post, and other major media outlets.

All photographs taken by Sasha Arutyunova