The poet knows all sorts of things. Right now,
he is convinced he is inside the belly of his greatest
work ever. Rum will do that.

Performed by ANDY AKIHO, steelpan; ROGER BONAIR-AGARD, vocals; SEAN DIXON, drums; & JEFFREY ZEIGLER, cello

M is Black Enough (aka Miyamoto is Black Enough) is a collaborative exploration of meaning and conversation; a contemporary band of hard driving rhythms and biting social commentary that utilizes steelpan, cello, drums, and poetry/vocals. It aims to be complex and aggressive, and to involve all elements equally in a bold narrative about people, justice, struggle, joy, and celebration.

It is a melange of musical styles form a brash symphony that nods the head, moves the feet, and asks the listener/ viewer to challenge and disturb her own comfort. Miyamoto is both a building frenzy of excitement and a cerebral jaunt through one’s own belief systems, leaning towards a joy that refuses itself unless it is foundation’d in justice.

Ariana Miyamoto is a Japanese national—the child of an African American father and Japanese mother. She won Miss Universe Japan 2015 and represented her country at the Miss Universe competition later that year. A self-described ‘hafu,’ many Japanese expressed concern that someone not of ‘pure’ Japanese parentage should represent the country. She is, in the words of some ‘not Japanese enough.’ In a band that boasts two ‘hafu’, a Trinidadian-Brooklynite Black man, and an Irish/Finnish/Swedish hip-hop influenced drummer, we submit that regardless of whether she is ‘Japanese enough,’ Miyamoto is certainly Black enough.

Produced by National Sawdust