LATENCY (featuring The Gauntlet)

Created by Sxip Shirey & Coco Karol

LATENCY is an evening length music and dance performance in three parts: The Gauntlet, Latency, and Amelia Found. Each part offers unique forms of audience engagement and storytelling.

The first section, The Gauntlet is an immersive choral composition and choreographic formation comprised of waves of sound and gestures that audience members move through—freely or directed. Latency, the title piece of the evening, imagines the concept of latency as a metaphor for death where the soul—in this case David Bowie’s soul—gets further and further from the body. It features Shirey’s signature sound-objects such as marbles rolled in glass bowls, a spinning weight plate, and reversed-disc music boxes. Karol’s choreography highlights interpersonal moments between a dancer who climbs over the conductor, and singers who hocket (a medieval singing technique) melodies. The last section, Amelia Found, is a harmonically rich score for piano, glass harmonica and Morse code where dance and puppetry describe a vision of Amelia Earhart’s journey, from sunset, through the night, to a day break where she has disappeared. It invites viewers to contribute names of people and things that have disappeared in their lives to be translated into Morse code and played throughout the composition. Together the three works are about death, disappearance, and returning home.

The Gauntlet can also act as a standalone performance, created in tandem with performers and local communities. Audience members are guided by dancer Coco Karol through musical corridors created by a 30-100 person choir, all standing on footstools, in two long rows facing each other. Phrases and tones are passed from singer-to-singer, creating a sonic architecture which forms an intimate experience for audience members, like walking through a tunnel and being bathed in waves of harmony, poetry, and gesture.

Each performance of The Gauntlet is unique, reflecting the site and community it is created with. Through a series of workshops, Karol and Shirey work with choir members to develop gestures, and generate language for the Gauntlet. Workshops include “movement interviews” led by Karol, which are inquiries into each participant’s phenomenological experience of “home” and belonging, and can be tailored to the curatorial themes of the presenting venue or festival.

Artists & Cast:

Sxip Shirey – Composer & Musician
Coco Karol – Choreographer & Performer
Lacy Rose – Musician
Rima Fand – Musician
Jonny Rodgers – Musician
Chris Green – Puppeteer
Erin Orr – Puppeteer
Local Choir


Sxip Shirey is an avant-garde composer specializing in populist music that is often used for circus, dance, and theater. He has released seven albums including three solo albums, toured internationally, and been recognized by press worldwide. He is known for innovative instrumentation and object oriented compositions which he often performs and presents to audiences with stories, dialog, and delight. (For full bio and CV please visit

Coco Karol is a dancer and choreographer who creates cross-disciplinary performance works about how we make meaning of personal experience and communicate through gesture, touch, and effort. She has had an expansive dance career in New York and has choreographed works for stage and film as well as for art galleries and public art. (For full bio and CV please visit

For more information, please contact:

Holly Hunter, Director of NS Projects & Community Engagement