Jorinde Keesmaat



Jorinde Keesmaat is a Dutch director of opera and staged classical concerts. From 2016 through 2019, she is Guest Director-in-Residence at the Center for Contemporary Opera in New York. In her immersive multidisciplinary work, Keesmaat plays with the relationship between spectator and actor / musician. In her projects, she explores the possibilities of an individual approach to the public. The conventional boundaries between classical concerts, opera and theatre are of little import in her work.  Instead, cross-pollination and the styling and abstraction of art disciplines play a central role. In addition to regular theatre and concert halls, her performances regularly take place in unusual locations. In creating settings where people are allowed to look at each other, Jorinde hopes to astonish and disconcert her audience. “In a chaotic and confused world, I want to create moments that quiet and endure, pushing the spectator’s buttons to guide them to a highly personal emotion place.”