Saturday 20 April 06:30pm

Film Screening: "The Colorado", A Tribute to Water

Environmental art, film, and social impact

6pm doors • 6:30pm show


Our planet is in peril — what can art do to help?

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, National Sawdust hosts an event focussing on rivers and access to water, with a film screening and expert panel centered on this vital issue.

The centerpiece of the evening will be a screening of The Colorado, a National Sawdust Project about the mighty river that carved the Grand Canyon. The film opens nine windows onto the river’s fast-flowing journey, from the prehistoric times to the river’s current critical role as the lifeline of a vast portion of the American Southwest, providing the water that sustains nearly forty million people. Today, the river is so overused and over-promised that it no longer reaches the sea. The Colorado, set to music by five of today’s leading composers including Paola Prestini (National Sawdust’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director) and narrated by stage legend Mark Rylance, takes us on a journey through the prehistoric settlements of the region, the period of European colonization, the dam-building era, modern industrial agriculture and immigration, and the impact of climate change.

Preceding the film, a panel will discuss the role of artistic responses to the present climate crisis. The discussion will focus on waterways and rivers in the US and internationally, giving insight into local issues around the country, as well as further afield. Featuring:

  • Lisa Bloodgood, community advocate and Director of Advocacy and Education with the Newtown Creek Alliance
  • Murat Eyuboglu, director of The Colorado and a new short, Kipatsi, Nija, Añaantsi (Land, Water, Life) from his upcoming documentary, The Amazon
  • Greg Lindquist, artist and writer whose recent work focuses on landscape and abstraction to raise awareness of environmental concerns
  • Benki Piyãko, social entrepreneur, environmental and spiritual Asháninka leader, featured in short Kipatsi, Nija, Añaantsi (Land, Water, Life)
  • Sunita Prasad, artist and crew of Mare Liberum, a freeform publishing, boatbuilding and waterfront art collective based in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, New York

Together, these brilliant minds will look at how art, film, and music can intersect with environmental advocacy and scientific study to promote empathy for our natural world and solicit responses that match the urgency of the moment we find ourselves in.

While acknowledging that individual actions alone cannot counteract the unsustainability of late capitalism, the event will leave audience members with everyday suggestions on how they, too, can work for a more just and sustainable future.

6:30pm – Panel discussion
7:45pm – The Colorado screening



“visually captivating and unsettling”

“performed by some of the most innovative soundsmiths around”

“A multidimensional portrait… alternately spectral, dazzling, ugly, and phenomenal.”


“a striking, thoughtful and cautionary piece of art”


“emotionally and intellectually rich”


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