Sunday 9 December 08:00pm

V Town

6:30pm doors • 8pm show


Spend a night with the last bastion of resistance in an imagined dystopian near-future with V Town, a dramatic set of character studies in song. A diverse cast of singers, performance artists, and dancers bring a small upstate enclave to life, giving voice to the joys, sorrows, strengths, and struggles of those bearing the brunt of tyranny, patriarchy, and white supremacy. With songs about trans bodies, opioid addiction, elder abuse, the new Jim Crow, and more, V Town gives powerful voice to stories seldom told on the musical stage.

Music and lyrics by Mur
Directed by Jonathon Loy
Cello: Karlos Rodriguez
Starring: Danny Franzese, Aisha Carpenter, Sarah Stewart Chapin, Demi Washington, Gale Sorel, Bailey Vincent, Holly Overton, Elissa Wells, Hannah Cullen, Miguel Grisanti, Erin Carr, Bridget Barkan, Haley Fortune, Alex Schleuderer, and Jade Litaker.