Thursday 11 July 08:00pm

Thea Little

Honest Process

7pm doors • 8pm show


Choreographer and composer Thea Little — whose work lives at the intersection of performance art, dance-theater, and experimental music — has presented her work across the US and Europe. Returning to her New York roots, she presents Honest Process, in which a wash of abstract gestures, vocals, and facial expressions form an internal language aimed at overcoming ego, commercialism, and narcissism, in favor of vulnerability and self-knowledge. Little performs alongside Katie Norton-Bliss and Lea Torelli in this blissfully interdisciplinary program.

Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, Honest Process explores a relation to healing and all that healing can look and feel like. The work puts an emphasis on listening to one another, being present in the moment, and being patient with time and space, and offers a healthy dose of over-the-top improvisation, competition, and humor.

This performance will be followed by a Q&A with Honest Process creator Thea Little, moderator Peter Sciscioli, and her team of collaborators.