Monday 16 September 07:30pm

Summer Labs: Alaina Ferris' "The Lydian Gale Parr"

6:30pm doors • 7:30pm show


Each year National Sawdust hosts an open call for emerging and established Brooklyn-based musicians to participate in the institution’s signature Summer Labs program, an opportunity for musicians to create and perform work in an inspiring space at a critical early stage in the journey of a work from concept to reality. Musicians who are selected to participate in the program are given time to develop and perform a 20–40 minute music-based work-in-progress in our state-of-the-art venue. Following their performances, artists will host a 15 minute audience Q&A to discuss their process and their new work on the National Sawdust stage.

Composer Alaina Ferris and librettist Karinne Keithley Syers present a selection from their oratorio The Lydian Gale Parr. A manifesto of migratory community, of slipping in and out of disparate webs of belonging, it follows the history of a wandering, shape-shifting hero named Lydian Gale Parr, who travels from ancient cities to present-day container ships and back again. Built from excerpts from Henry James’ novel The American, the work is caught somewhere between speech, recitation, and song, and is scored for eight vocalists, bass clarinet, bassoon, French horn, flute, piano, and bells. 

Charlotte Mundy (Soprano)
Lacy Rose (Soprano)
Aviva Jaye (Alto)
Alaina Ferris (Alto,  Piano)
Chad Goodridge (Baritone)
Ned Hanlon (Bass)
Johnny Gasper (Tenor, Clarinet)
Eamon Goodman (Tenor, Bass Clarinet, Flute)
Leah Shaw (Alto, Bassoon)
Kyra Sims (French Horn)
Karinne Keithley Syers, Librettist
Alaina Ferris, Composer, Music Director
Sam Kaseta, Associate Music Director