Saturday 17 August 05:00pm

SAUCE: Sessions at National Sawdust

Fleeting Femme, Awksymoron, Motyka, and Barraco Barner




SAUCE: Sessions at National Sawdust is a wide-ranging series of Happy Hour jam sessions featuring craft cocktails, drink specials, and live performances from rising folk, rock, rap, electronic, jazz, classical, Indian classical, and video game music artists. Hosted on Thursdays and Saturdays 5-9pm throughout August in the new National Sawdust Lounge, SAUCE is free and open to all. 

This installment features four local singer/songwriters: Fleeting Femme, performing a set of raw emotional acoustic songs; folk-pop singer and pro whistler Awksymoron; producer, singer, and classicaly trained saxophonist Motyka; and Barraco Barner, whose dissonant, post-modern folk songs feature tape loops and field recordings.

Enjoy Caribbean, African, and Asian flavors from CookUp, an homage to a traditional Guyanese dish of the same name, at all Saturday SAUCE shows.