Sunday 12 January 07:00pm

FERUS Festival: Sarah Hennies & Mara Baldwin "Come ‘Round Right"

featuring Anna Roberts-Gevalt
6pm doors • 7pm show


“The Ferus Festival, National Sawdust’s weeklong plunge into experimental storytelling, ricochets between individual and collective experiences.” —New Yorker

Composer Sarah Hennies draws vividly atmospheric shapes” that “[test] conventional notions of musical narrative” (Pitchfork). Hennies and visual artist Mara Baldwin join forces for Come ‘Round Right, a work combining music and sculpture inspired by Shaker hymns and crafts, cultural residues of a once-thriving community that has dwindled to just two members. Featuring Anna Roberts-Gevalt of Appalachian folk duo Anna & Elizabeth — praised by the New Yorker for their “tight and beautiful” harmonies and their “musicological investigations of place” — Come ‘Round Right concerns itself with labor, identity, survival, love, and the passage of time.

Sarah Hennies and Mara Baldwin are joined after the show by Steve Smith, National Sawdust’s Director of Publications, for a conversation about the piece.

Running time: one hour