Wednesday 17 July 07:30pm

Asia Society and National Sawdust present:

Samita Sinha & Grey Mcmurray

Anonymous Light

6:30pm doors • 7:30pm show


In solo work and through interdisciplinary, improvisatory collaborations — presented at venues like the Rubin Museum, the Kitchen, Asia Society, and Danspace — composer and vocal artist Samita Sinha has been engaged in a long-term inquiry of the voice and the relationship between inside and outside, from body to world. In Anonymous Light, her newest work, she repurposes khayaal, a form of North Indian classical singing that means “imagination”, to continue this exploration.

Joined by guitarist and singer Grey Mcmurray, Sinha unravels the tradition of khayaal into fundamental elements of body and listening, pulse and flow, utterance, tone and shape, from which she and Mcmurray sculpt a meditative, transformative sonic experience for voice and guitar. Responding to what came before them — resonances of ordinary and extraordinary moments in innumerable lives — they animate shapes that flower and disappear. This new work continues the exploration Sinha started with This ember state, commissioned and presented by Asia Society in April 2018 as part of the Creative Common Ground initiative.