Thursday 29 November 08:00pm

RVNG Intl. presents: Oliver Coates & Visible Cloaks

7pm doors • 8pm show


The Brooklyn-based record label RVNG Intl., a home for forward-reaching artists, is curating a series of concerts at the nexus of classic sensibility and contemporary sentimentality.

Oliver Coates made critical contributions to Jonny Greenwood’s score to Phantom Thread and has most recently collaborated with Mica Levi, Dean Blunt, and Laurel Halo, but he’s a ferocious talent in his own right, using elaborate signal processing effects to take sounds from his cello and transform them in radical ways. The results are “playful and exploratory… music where pleasure seems to be at least as crucial as process” and include songs that are “almost unspeakably beautiful” (Pitchfork).

Co-headlining the evening is Visible Cloaks, the ambient duo from Portland who build worlds out of fragmented snatches of distorted speech, among other arresting raw materials. Their albums feature beguiling landscapes “where machines talk and muted light suffuses even the remotest of places”, landscapes that conjure “exhilaration, weightlessness, a feeling that one is flying through clouds spitting bursts of lightning that pose no threat and offer amazing spectacles of light” (PopMatters).

This rare live set will be Oliver Coates’s only solo performance in the United States this year, as well as Visible Cloaks’s only show in NYC in 2018, so don’t miss your chance to hear them in our intimate space!