Rinde Eckert Presents: Five Beasts

Dec 2, 2015 • 7pm

Completed last spring at Les Substances in Lyon, France, Five Beasts is a brief epic: a tour of five different stages of man from the awakening of the self to the contemplation of the stars. It is man as seen by the animal—his words just another beast’s call, another noise in the dark.

This concert/theater work features Ned Rothenberg on alto sax, bass clarinet, & shakuhachi, and beat boxer Adam Matta as the human rhythm section. Throughout the performance video artist Mark DeChiazza paints the back wall with images & singer/mover/raconteur Rinde Eckert, inhabits the ever-shifting form of the man/animal in question, who becomes predator, shaman, vain fool, dreamer conjuring, dancing, & singing as this piece wends its inimitable way between Butoh and Burlesque.


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