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Rinde Eckert Presents: Big Farm

Nov 18, 2015 • 7pm

Big Farm features four of today’s most revered and vital composers/performers: Grammy-winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist, vocalist-lyricist Rinde Eckert; in-demand electric bassist Lek Darger; Grammy-winner and pioneering composer/guitarist Steven Mackey; and celebrated percussionist Jason Treuting (So Percussion).

After years of various collaboration, admiration and respect for each other, the members of Big Farm finally banded together in 2009, answering a call to a place where the rules normative to the hard genres of music are set aside, making it possible for the group to express the eclecticism of its accomplished members.

The band explains: “Big Farm is a place where serious counterpoint can meet burlesque, earnestness meet abandon; a place where they can kick it or take it to tea, reflect, attack, mourn, dance, pray, or mock with ease or determination, joy or fervor, using any and all means necessary. This world is a big farm – lots of different crops, changing weather, livestock, and a duck pond for good measure.”