Saturday 6 October 04:00pm

Resonator Festival

4pm & 9pm shows


Resonator Festival is born out of a simple question: What if?

What if your favorite singer-songwriter worked with your favorite jazz band? Or your favorite MC collaborated with an orchestra? Resonator Festival is what happens when our wildest musical daydreams get a chance to come to fruition. Once-in-a-lifetime sets where two acts come together on stage to exchange ideas through performance. The supergroup collaborations we’ve always wanted to see, and some we’ve yet to imagine. Resonator curates a lineup of artists we believe to be innovative, groundbreaking, and forward thinking, asking them to join forces with other incredible creatives to explore the boundaries of modern sound. And, sometimes, when we’re lucky, even break them.

This is an extension of our belief in beauty through collaboration from our global community. When people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and beyond are given the space to freely exist — and the equal representation they deserve — there’s no limit to the change we can make in our world. We believe in the unity of humanity through art and innovation. Come join us for Resonator Festival 2018, and let’s see just what could be possible.


A resonator is an amplifier, a space which takes its source and makes it grow. We at Resonator aim to do just that with new ideas in music, art, and culture. We work to act as the catalyst for growth, to be the puzzle piece that enables innovators in the arts to flourish and their ideas to spread. Through concerts, parties, and workshops, our goal is to shine a bright light on the amazing art that is all around us and sometimes goes unnoticed. Great art deserves the world’s attention, and we intend to make sure it gets it. We will play, sing, dance, and laugh together, and, by being our authentic, audacious, creative selves, learn together. This is Resonator. Vibrate higher.

2018 LINEUP:
Maassai x Shouthouse
Poetic Thrust x Julia Zivic
Scott James x JIL
Jazze Belle x Zenizen x Elysse
Mike Larry Draw x 86 Supreme
LATASHA x Likwuid x Cipherella (Backed by QNA x Zaven)
DJ: Cornelio