New York Philharmonic Presents: CONTACT!


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Meet us in Brooklyn at National Sawdust, “the sort of place that makes a new-music aficionado want to bring a sleeping bag and move in for a few weeks” (New York magazine), for a peek inside Esa-Pekka Salonen’s notebook of influences. You’ll hear his own Floof, plus music by his mentors Donatoni and Castiglioni as well as Lutosławski, “for years the most central influence of my life.”


Musicians from the New York Philharmonic

Esa-Pekka Salonen, host and curator


String Quartet Anna Rabinova, Fiona Simon, violin; Irene Breslaw, viola; Nathan Vickery, cello


Hot for solo sopranino/tenor saxophone and six-member ensemble Joshua Gersen, conductor; Timothy Ruedeman§, sopranino/tenor saxophone; Pascual Martínez Forteza, clarinet; Thomas V. Smith, trumpet; Colin Williams, trombone; Max Zeugner, bass; Daniel Druckman, percussion; Eric Huebner, piano


Dulce refrigerium, six sacred songs for piano Eric Huebner, piano


Floof (Songs of a Homeostatic Homer) Joshua Gersen, conductor; Hila Plitmann§, soprano; David Gould§, clarinet/double bass clarinet; Sumire Kudo, cello; Eric Huebner, piano; Paul Beck§, synthesizer; Daniel Druckman, percussion