Saturday 28 July 07:00pm

Natti Vogel

6pm doors • 7pm show


Young alt-pop mastermind and piano singer-songwriter Natti Vogel is rapidly becoming New York‘s buzziest independent artist with his stunning new orchestral EP “Serving Body” and its equally inimitable array of music videos. His live shows, where Vogel’s conservatory, cinematic, cabaret, rock, jazz, comedic and foreign-language training are all put to use, create an unusually intense and wonderful experience raved about by audiences and press alike.

After two previous sold out album concerts, Vogel returns to National Sawdust for two shows this July, where the full body of his work will be on display.

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“The ornate, intricately arranged record is a study of early adulthood…replete with​ ​ironic​ ​social​ ​commentary​ ​and​ ​sexual​ ​politicking” (OUT Magazine)

“incredibly fun, vastly complex, undeniably sexy, incredibly rewarding, soaring” (Atwood Magazine)

“true artistry, an extremely rare delicacy which proves that Natti Vogel may just be the voice we’ve been waiting for” (Born Music UK)

“Indie rock fusion virtuoso” (New York Press)

“an extraordinary presence with a larger-than-life personality” (OUT magazine)

“Quirky, dark, sensual and theatrical with a rich, baroque voice” (MTV)

“It’s not hard to imagine Natti Vogel throwing your own overpriced cosmopolitan in your face from behind his piano, but it’s not all Gawker set to music: behind the satire, there is a deep romantic yearning to get away from all that stuff” (A.V. Club)

“The mysterious and talented Natti Vogel banters boldly and boasts outrageous style like a classic American diva but his vocals and composition soar higher than superstar pop music.” (Information Magazine, Denmark)

“I’m pretty amazed by how Natti Vogel can jump from one genre to the next and still sound authentic. That’s a rare feat. Lady Gaga can’t even do that!”

-Stacy Llambe (Entertainment Tonight, OUT Magazine)

“”Natti Vogel has the presence of a rising international star” – the Global Times

“At his most lyrical, Natti sings with an abandon that is not a product of Bloomberg’s New York, with its clean streets and bank-sponsored bicycles. It’s amazing how money produces pretty art that looks like money. Natti comes from an older tradition. With him, a song is not a brand or an act, but a strong hand tugging you into the dark.” Livingston Award Winner Lois Beckett for EOS