Sunday 6 January 07:00pm

FERUS Festival 2019: Miranda Cuckson and Katharina Rosenberger


6pm doors • 7pm show


The FERUS festival is an annual showcase of untamed voices. Presenting the latest in cutting–edge new music with an emphasis on performances that push the envelope, the festival invites artists to perform their newest work in music, multimedia, and beyond. A showcase for all that National Sawdust stands for as a venue, FERUS transcends traditional tropes to let audiences Hear It New!

Acclaimed violinist Miranda Cuckson was an original National Sawdust Curator in their inaugural season, and she returns now with intermedia artist Katharina Rosenberger and projection designer John Burnett to develop a new work that uses innovative techniques to chart a sensory journey exploring the dichotomy between the material and the immaterial. A striking array of paper objects — sculptures, manuscripts, scraps woven between the strings of a violin — will represent the tangible world, while ghostly noises and phantasmagorical lighting effects represent a world that cannot be touched.

The piece will use music from adventurous masters of the late sixteenth century, dovetailed with mysterious electroacoustic sounds drawn out from Rosenberger’s papers and Cuckson’s violin by a unique system designed by Burnett. In a digitized world, these three artists ask, what keeps us engaged with physical objects? This show is their question, and also their answer.


This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.