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Magos Herrera Presents: Jazz for Kids

Oran Etkin’s Timbalooloo: Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman In The Kingdom Of Swing!

Oct 18, 2015 • 12pm / doors 11:30am

Saturday will be the NYC debut of the new Timbalooloo concert production for kids: Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman in the Kingdom of Swing. The show ties in music from Oran Etkin’s new CD for adults What’s New? Reimagining Benny Goodman and presents it through a fun story in which Clara Net (Oran’s Clarinet) comes to the concert in her bed. The children wake Clara up and she calls her mother, Big Mama Tuba, who answers from the back of the audience. Together with the full band they take the kids on an adventure through the kingdom of swing – meeting King Oliver, Duke Ellington and a little boy named Benny Goodman who grows up to become the King of Swing. Just as Benny Goodman was welcomed into the kingdom by the great masters that came before him, the children too are encouraged to express themselves and find their own voices in the Kingdom of Swing through this fun and interactive concert experience.

Timbalooloo creator Oran Etkin is an internationally acclaimed clarinetist and composer who can be heard on major concert stages throughout the world and on a recent GRAMMY Award Winning anti-bullying compilation. Yet Etkin feels equally at home sitting on the floor surrounded by a gaggle of spellbound children presenting a riveting story about Tito Puente, Mahalia Jackson or his musical travels in Indonesia. Etkin has hand selected and trained a core group of creative educators who have taught Timbaloolooo classes to over 1,000 young children using his method in schools and homes throughout NYC. Harvey Keitel, who enrolled his son in Timbalooloo classes for several years, exclaimed that “our son was talking about Herbie Hancock, Mozart, Samba and African Music – and he knew the difference!”. Recently Herbie Hancock saw a video of Etkin teaching children about his music and invited Timbalooloo to perform at UNESCO’s International Jazz Day in Paris.