Thursday 6 December 07:30pm

Love Sick: A Rock Opera



Love Sick: A Rock-Opera follows Paul on his quest to cure the age-old problem of lovesickness.  Thrown out on the street and facing the pain of rejection, Paul embarks on an epic journey to cure his serious ailment. Along the way, he meets Kate, and together they travel through time and space in search of the cure. Along the way, they encounter doctors, pharmaceutical empires, 17th–century herbalists, and more, but there’s a nagging question: Could the cure be right in front of them the entire time? 

Love Sick, a world premiere by composer/lyricist Georgia Shreve, will be performed by a cast of seven trained opera singers and will feature Contraband, a six–piece rock band.

Book, Lyrics, Music By:
Georgia Shreve

Directed By
James Matthew Daniel

Music Director:
William Day

Timothy McDevitt
Cameron Bartel
Carla Jablonski
Edith Grossman
Jessica Fishenfeld
Georgia Haugue
Roy Hage