Saturday 20 July 07:30pm

Liquid Light Lab & Ricardo Romaneiro

present Liquidverse: Apollo 11

6:30pm doors • 7:30pm show


In this immersive, psychedelic audiovisual performance, composer Ricardo Romaneiro and Liquid Light Lab mix live chamber and electronic music with a classic liquid light show to explore images of the cosmos, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Liquidverse takes the audience on an audiovisual journey featuring onboard audio from Apollo 11 to Mission Control, and additional behind-the-scenes audio from the intrepid astronauts on the 8-day journey to the moon and back. Imagery from photos and videos in the NASA archives is woven live in real time into an immersive liquid light show experience. Join us in celebrating 50 years since humankind landed on the moon.

Flight Directors
Visual Direction: Liquid Light Lab
Music Direction: Ricardo Romaneiro
Lighting Direction: Dominick Chang

Mission Control Center (electronics)
Leo Leite – engineer
David Zisa – modular synth
NoisioN – analog synths
Doug Waylo – laptop
Zenon Marko – vintage keyboards

Astronauts (performers)
Hannah Sumner
Adam Maalouf
Jacqui Kerrod
Justin Abrams
Kate Steinberg
Vasko Dukovski
Devin Collins