Friday 13 December 07:30pm

Kinds of Kings

Real Loud perform works by Finola Merivale, Shelley Washington, and Andrew Rodriguez

6:30pm doors • 7:30pm show


Disruptions to the status quo can see positive changes that result in a new equilibrium. This notion serves as the basis for Equilibrium and Disturbance, a project from 2019–2020 Artists-in-Residence Kinds of Kings.

Heralded by the New Yorker as “distinguished young creators who work in diverse styles”, Kinds of Kings is a collective of six multifaceted composers who actively advocate for underrepresented voices in the music landscape.

In their three concerts, each of the six founding members will develop an original composition exploring stillness and flux within the ecosystem of music, culminating in a final, evening-length group composition performed by award-winning Australian ensemble Rubiks Collective.

In the first of these three evenings, Brooklyn-based sextet Real Loud will perform The Workers’ Dreadnought, by Kinds of Kings composer Shelley Washington. Taking inspiration from the left-wing newspaper of the same name, the composition explores the continual, backbreaking crusade for intersectional equality across the globe.

Presented along side this original composition will be the world premiere of Trash Vortex. This multimedia work by Finola Merivale sheds light on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass of 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic roughly the size of Texas, which has come to represent the plastic crisis humanity is both causing and facing.

Join Kinds of Kings as they explore the haunting relevance of social issues both past and present.