Sunday 24 March 06:00pm

Voyage en chanson: Paris, Love, Travel, and Time

SOLD OUT - Karen Akers, Jean Brassard, Kathleen Landis, and Steve Ross

5pm doors • 6pm show


Voyage en chanson (or “Journey through song”) takes us back to where cabaret was born: Montmartre, at the heart of the City of Lights.

Many artists made the journey to live the life that Charles Aznavour portrayed so well in his song “La bohème”. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean like Cole Porter and Josephine Baker, and found new homes in the voices of Yves Montand and Dalida. All were inspired by the charms of Paris, but also by her indomitable popular spirit of resistance and pride. Even Noël Coward couldn’t resist writing about the city with his incomparable British wit in “There’s Always Something Fishy About the French”.

Sharing a love of the french cabaret, four renowned New York cabaret performers, Karen Akers, Kathleen Landis, Steve Ross, and Jean Brassard, take you on a journey through songs by those who fell in love with Gay Paree in an evening featuring world-class performers at the top of their game.

Conceived and directed by Jean Brassard.