Friday 4 October 07:30pm


6:30pm doors • 7:30pm show


Contemporary music and multimedia group ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX presents an all-Italian program in collaboration with mezzo-soprano Kathleen Roland, featuring music by iconoclastic composer Salvatore Sciarrino and Stanford professor Patricia Alessandrini. The program includes Sciarrino’s Infinito Nero (Black Infinity), in which extraordinarily delicate passages are linked to the dark visions and utterances of the 16th century Italian nun and mystic St. Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi, and his Le voci sottovetro (The Voices Under Glass), re-settings of madrigals by 16th century composer Carlo Gesualdo. Alessandrini’s gripping Nachtgewâchse closes the evening. All three pieces are accompanied by video art by German multimedia artist and director Wolfgang Lehmann and University of Central Oklahoma Professor, David Webber.

Co-Sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute.