Wednesday 18 September 07:30pm

Summer Labs: Eliot Krimsky's "Wave in Time"

6:30pm doors • 7:30pm show


Each year National Sawdust hosts an open call for emerging and established Brooklyn-based musicians to participate in the institution’s signature Summer Labs program, an opportunity for musicians to create and perform work in an inspiring space at a critical early stage in the journey of a work from concept to reality. Musicians who are selected to participate in the program are given time to develop and perform a 20–40 minute music-based work-in-progress in our state-of-the-art venue. Following their performances, artists will host a 15 minute audience Q&A to discuss their process and their new work on the National Sawdust stage.

A wave gives form to the vastness of the ocean. To composer and songwriter Eliot Krimsky, this vastness of the ocean is an analog for time, and a wave symbolizes a snapshot of a moment in history. In Wave in Time, an audiovisual concert Krimsky is developing at Summer Labs, his distinctive falsetto voice, Auto-Tune, and percussive synthesizer combine with meditative chanting, radio samples, and 3D renderings of fossilized objects, such as spirals, stones, and brass rings, to give form to the formless, and to suggest that our current time is connected to the time of all ages.