Friday 21 June 08:00pm

Takuya Nakamura

performs Cosmic Rhythm

with Doug Wieselman, Dan Rieser, azumi O E, and Marton “Juice” Gabor

7pm doors • 8pm show


Warped piano sounds, haunting synths, and dazzling visual projections combine to form Cosmic Rhythm, a unique immersive performance that spotlights moments of shared consciousness. Grounded in Japanese culture and noise music, this show features live dance from international Butoh star azumi O E, groundbreaking visuals from stage designer Marton “Juice” Gabor, and a new composition bubbling with otherworldly harmonies and textures from composer Takuya Nakamura, featuring multi-instrumentalist Doug Wieselman and drummer Dan Rieser. Presented by Sienna Berritto, Cosmic Rhythm holds audiences spellbound in a moment of spontaneous creation.