Friday 24 May 07:00pm

Silence and Memory: An Exploration of Music, Mind and Brain

Cornelius Dufallo

with Ittai Shapira, Emir Gamsız, Joseph LeDoux, and Ruth Oscharoff

co-sponsored by the Contemporary Freudian Society and the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

6pm doors • 7pm show


Join violinist and composer Cornelius Dufallo (ETHEL, Flux Quartet), violinist and composer Ittai Shapira, pianist and composer Emir Gamsız, neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux, and psychoanalyst Ruth Oscharoff for a provocative investigation of how composers use silence and how it affects us. Long before John Cage’s infamous 4′33″ made an entire piece out of silence, composers have used rests and pauses to bring their music to life. Now, these brilliant creators and thinkers are delving into the secrets of silence, melding dynamic art and cutting-edge science into a captivating whole.

The evening will begin and end with music. Dufallo will play his own compositions before discussing the meanings of silence in music and psychotherapy. Oscharoff will augment this discussion with the concept of “silent interpretations”, a powerful psychoanalytic tool. LeDoux, author of The Emotional Brain and Anxious, will describe key findings from his research on emotion and memory and their connection to music.

Both Shapira and Gamsız will play their original compositions and share their personal perspectives on the role of silence, music, and memory on individual and cultural levels; LeDoux and Colin Dempsey will round out the creative roster with songs about the mind, the brain, and mental illness from the band Amygdaloids. Together, these incisive, diverse voices will discover deep insights about the pauses and rests that fill our lives.

This program is presented in association with Sound Potential.