Wednesday 27 May 08:00pm

Beth Morrison Projects: Jodie Landau "Performance of Self"

7pm doors • 8pm show


We continuously construct and curate our lives, our relationships, and our selves, by choice or by circumstance. We weave the stories given to us, those we gather, and those we choose to retell to form a sense of identity. In identifying ourselves and each other we look to codify and define, and in such things we find both comfort and tribulations, as well as opportunity and limitations. Within all this, gender and sexuality are heavily weighted and fascinating topics, or at least have been for Jodie Landau, by choice and circumstance.

This immersive piece by Jodie Landau uses chamber music and dance to weave its way through songs and stories about queerness, gender, sexuality, [online] dating, choice, consent, attraction, desire, expectations, conforming to someone’s needs vs. self-preservation, language and communication, dance, drag, costume, and the performance of self.