Sunday 30 December 07:00pm

Sxip Shirey presents:

Baby Dee's Big Swan Song

6pm doors • 7pm show


Baby Dee, the gender–dysphoric, medievalist carny from Cleveland, Ohio, is making herself permanently unavailable beginning January 1, 2019. Come say goodbye and hear her sing about predestination, elevator guys, manic depressive snowmen, and disgruntled reindeer.

Guest artists singing Baby Dee songs:
Aimee Curl
Sarah Alden and Rima Fand
Lacy Rose and Alaina Ferris

Dorit Chrysler

“Leonard Cohen wrote one ‘Hallelujah’. Baby Dee has written 10 of them. Baby Dee, for me, is the most profound songwriter of our time. I am convinced that many of her songs will eventually become cannon for singers. This is a rare opportunity to see a New York City legend. I can’t recommend this show strongly enough.” — Sxip Shirey