Sunday 28 October 04:00pm

Classical Sundays

Aizuri Quartet

Presents "Blueprinting"
3:30pm doors • 4pm show


Join the award-winning NYC–based Aizuri Quartet as they celebrate the release of their debut album, Blueprinting, on New Amsterdam Records.

The group will perform a set of music from the album, featuring new works written for the Aizuri Quartet by five of today’s most exciting American composers: Lembit Beecher, Yevgeniy Sharlat, Caroline Shaw, Gabriella Smith, and Paul Wiancko. All five of these composers possess a special understanding of the expressive range and power of the string quartet. As part of the concert, the group will perform alongside custom–built, electronically controlled sound sculptures that generate sound from bike wheels and wine glasses.

As the album title suggests, Blueprinting implies building a project that takes time and requires significant planning. The works featured on the album were all born out of a close collaboration between the quartet and the composers, and the Aizuri Quartet is committed to exploring the full spectrum of the story behind each piece, adding layers of richness through their discovery during long rehearsals, workshops, performances, and tours. These pieces have become a central and personal part of the Aizuri Quartet’s repertoire, embodying their inquisitive spirit and infectious energy.