Friday 13 July 10:30pm

AdHoc Presents

Elysia Crampton

10pm doors • 10:30pm show


Tickets on sale Friday, April 20th at 10am.

Elysia Crampton is a Native American musician & writer currently living in the United States.

Elysia Crampton’s eclectic and unrestrained electronic music is the flashpoint of a myriad of influences opening upon the complexity and multifacetedness of Aymara becoming. Underscored by radical and queer politics, Crampton’s experimental work gives sonorous form to contemporary expressions of Aymara resistance and survival: a project of “becoming-with,” in the shades given this term by Donna Haraway via prison abolitionist Che Gossett.

Crampton’s first record, The Light That You Gave Me To See You, released in 2012 under the Moniker E+E (a play on the spanish phonetics for “And & And”), is considered one of the most influential electronic records from the last decade. Together with like-minded friends like Seychelle OD Allah, Chino Amobi & Ashland Mines (DJ Total Freedom), her release helped form the horizon of a new era in electronic music, a style that Adam Harper called “Epic Collage”— a reference to Allah & Amobi’s painting style (both frequent collaborators with Crampton & Mines)— in 2014.

In 2015, Elysia Crampton debuted her first record under her own name, titled American Drift (featuring tracks from an originally much larger & unreleased double LP spanning 2011-2013, featuring the voice acting of Seychelle “Money” Allah, partially reapportioned into the single Moth/Lake). Though an unfinished vision, the record was released to critical acclaim, with Philip Sherburne of Pitchfork stating that the album “helped define the sound of experimental electronic music in 2015.”

Her 2016 album Demon City, composed in honor of the revolutionary Bartolina Sisa and Crampton’s yungueña grandmother, was deemed a “masterwork” by Rolling Stone and was one of Pitchfork’s 20 best experimental albums of 2016.

In 2017, Elysia Crampton scored the original soundtrack for Grace Wales Bonner A/W 2017 menswear collection, also participating as a model in the runway show. Crampton would collaborate again with Bonner for her S/S 2018 collection, later holding a two-day performance with Bolivian artist Donna Huanca in the fall of 2017.