Renowned Mexican visual artist Erika Harrsch, acclaimed composer Julian Wachner and celebrated flutist Margaret Lancaster created a live kite/music installation for the River To River Festival, called Inverted Sky, in which banknotes shaped as butterflies and a dragon will circulate in patterns that represent a vital connective system. Specimen-banknotes of currencies from many countries are created into kites to mimic the delicate beauty of butterflies in migratory flight, reflecting the transformative power of global mobility, and the volatility of currency markets. By bringing this interactive art project into the public space, Inverted Sky will document how people relate to their own concept of money, when money is placed in a poetic or ludicrous context. A playful appreciation will be derived from the lightness of a kite, givingspace to reflect on the somber heaviness of the worldwide financial events. Scored for single flute and live digital processing, Wachner creates the musical equivalent of a visual kaleidoscope. Each kite, as released into the air, is accompanied by a single melodic thread of music, which increases in complexity and density as the other kites join. The work was subsequently presented at Original Music Workshop’s groundbreaking event in Williamsburg, in 2012, noted in the Top Ten List of performances of the year by New York Magazine.