VIA Records

VIA Records is the non-profit, in-house record label and recording studio of National Sawdust; an artist-led, multidisciplinary new music venue in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In collaboration with its sister production organization VisionIntoArt, VIA Records releases content that reinterprets genre, facilitates provocative collaboration, and encourages new ways of listening. With an oeuvre ranging from electronics to contemporary opera, the label is a platform for artists with profound understanding of their craft to experiment and stretch the limitations of how that craft is practiced.

The Hubble by Paola Prestini, Royce Vavrek and Carmen Kordas with the Choir of Trinty Wall Street will be the first VIA project to record at NS

The Hubble is a contemporary multimedia cantata for the mezzo soprano Jessica Rivera with the Choir of Trinity Wall Street and the National Sawdust group in residence, 1B1. The work is a collaboration with librettist Royce Vavrek, filmmaker Carmen Kordas, the famed astrophysicist, Mario Livio, and composer Paola Prestini.  The Cantata intermingles the fate of humans with the ultimate fate of the stars. The shapes in the sand and the constellations in the sky become one, mirroring the tortuous path of human life in the dramatic Hubble images of outbursts that simultaneously mark stellar deaths and the promise for a new generation of stars, planets, and life. The work meditates on the powerful realization that even though our physical existence has been  continuously diminished, we are, in some sense, central to the cosmos, in the fact that it was us, humans, who discovered  step by step all of this grandeur.